04 June 2021 - Saior Brand


Do not waste time, do not let to dream, listen to your heart, never regret it, be brave...

Follow your dreams, they will make who you are!


From humble beginnings in the creative world, going in a few years to be responsible and Product Manager of some brands number 1 (one) in the Padel Racket market, to becoming a world innovator as a manufacturer of the first high-performance HyperRackets in the Padel market, marketed under the SAIOR brand, of which he is founder and SEO.


SAIOR Pádel is the beginning of a new stage and generation of rackets within the sport of Padel, where Alberto Martin has found the way to be able to capture without limitations all the creative and innovative potential that arise from each of his ideas. Which can be clearly seen in the DNA of this new generation of HyperRackets, inspired by the latest technologies for conceptual and innovative luxury products, within the automotive, motorcycling and aeronautics sectors.


He has always been attracted to novelty products with a considerable load of innovation, especially those that try to push the possibilities of design, technology and efficiency almost to the limits. Perhaps that is why, in part, comes from his demand for excellence in building beautiful things, being a continuous challenge of overcoming at all levels for each of his creations.


The more than 14 years that he spent creating products for other brands of Paddle, were crucial to know in depth every detail and secret to take into account behind each production, to finally achieve a product of the highest quality evolving it to the limits of the efficiency. This knowledge allows you to always go further than the rest, always obtaining the desired innovative and quality product, leaving nothing to chance. In addition, as a fan of Padel, he always likes to test each of the models that is developed first-hand and thus be able to verify that it meets the quality standards, along with the desired sensations. As he always says, how are you going to know that you are really creating if not you testing it yourself?… it is essential to be able to know what things need to be improved and to continue evolving future models.


Excellence, Quality and continuous Innovation are values ​​that Alberto defines as fundamental in all the projects in which he participates. His entrepreneurial nature and his pursuit of excellence have led him to have his own brand of products and creative services agency, which he operates under the name of Art Mountains. At the head of both companies, he continues to create and enjoy each of the projects with which he manages to satisfy the objectives set. Tenacity has always been the main quality to be able to carry out and solve every unexpected obstacle that involves the foundation and creation of a business, or brand.


Each HyperRacket we create is different in every way, with its own personality and its own DNA. The SkLibur model represents the birth of SAIOR with which at the time we already demonstrated the Innovative potential behind the acronym SAIOR, Now new models comes to reaffirm what has already been created representing the future of SAIOR and our purpose of taking bold steps with each evolution.



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