SAIOR was founded in 2011 by the entrepreneur Alberto Martín. Backed by years of experience and the long professional career that Alberto had obtained in the product development sector. During which he was working for renowned Brands and Manufacturers within the industry of the International Padel.


SAIOR made its insertion into the world of Padel, with the presentation of its first SkLibur model. Being It the pioneer of a new generation of HyperRackets that SAIOR intends to bring to this highly competitive world of the manufacture of Padel Rackets. From that moment, the first-born model of the firm quickly captured attention in a rising market, which was turner more and more competitive, since right at that moment the users were growing considerably. But at the same time, also, in brands emerging that appeared out of nowhere to try to take advantage of the pull that sport was having at that time.

The Initial Idea

Seeing the situation of technological stagnation in which the world of Paddle was for years. You could only see how the brands at that time the only thing they did is invest in positioning and not in Innovation, Development and Research. Coming to the point, that most brands used or shared the same Padel racket molds.

For the same reason, SAIOR wanted to give what the Padel market was apparently crying out for.

At that time, SAIOR became one of the few brands that actually invested in Innovation, Development and Research. Bringing a totally exclusive mold with truly innovative characteristics to date, where tubular and beams extra-thin could be seen throughout the Racket, with aerodynamic radius and edges very marked.

Experiences and Reflections

That first stage was very exciting and, at the same time, great learning about how the markets behave.

That time allowed us to better understand the real possibilities that were presented to a first-time brand when trying to enter a market where it has to make a dent and make itself known. With the aim of gaining the trust of the consumer in a market in which the brand image continues to prevail over the quality, performance or innovation of the product.

In those moments, we realized many things. But above all, how difficult it would be for any brand that would tries to survive in this world, without having a good and broad financial support behind it. Totally necessary factor, to be able to face the salaries of professional players, or to promote oneself in the printed media.

This point was crucial, since the online store sales were not yet well established, and if you wanted to be able to enter physical stores or get them interested in buying your product, it would be complicated or rather impossible without having previously created one wide audience or potential customers interested in the product.

So it is at that time, we tried to try other types of actions that did not imply risk to physical or retail stores, but there we realized another problem, and that is that if the store does not buy beforehand the product will not make effort to try to sell something from which you don’t have to get money back.

After studying and seeing the few possibilities that the brand could have to continue developing an adequate commercial image projection. Alberto Martín as Founder of the brand, decides to make a stop or Break at that time, to continue his career developing products for other brands.

Meanwhile, waiting for the right moment in which things and especially society would undergo a change to be able to reach audiences more easily and for the consumer to change their consumption habits, having online shopping more normalized.

Well then, that moment has come!

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