The new SAIOR EVOLUTION 1.1 mold is designed to the millimeter to improve the effectiveness and practice of Padel, creating new standards in terms of innovation within the amateur and professional world of Padel.

It is a Padel racket mold designed as its name says to Evolution of the game, created to make easy to every player who starts and intends to advance in his game until he manages to control the blows in the correct impact zones.

This mold or design of Padel Racket is ideal for all levels, from those who start as advanced and professionals. Being a racket that will allow you to make effective strokes with little margin of error, while you will feel great comfort of movement and lightness in movement thanks to its perfect balance and lines that help the aerodynamics of the racket, thus reducing the typical discomfort of typical Padel elbows and wrist.


Oversize Full Core

To facilitate the evolution of each player and reduce the margin of error when making the wrong shots, we have expanded the hitting surface to the heart or bridge of the racket, this being one of the most frequent points where the ball will hit us in the Padel racket at a level of play where we are still making progress. Designed so that we do not lose control of the ball and help us make effective shots even when we hit that area.

Dual Bridge

As is traditional in SAIOR models, the Evolution mold continues to maintain the double bridge technology in the heart area, improving structural solidity, helping to eliminate vibrations that affect the racket handle, to avoid possible wrist injuries.

Anatomical Grip Bridge

We can see that the profile of the EVO mold, in its lower part or closer to the fist, is higher than normal, SAIOR has designed it in this way to facilitate and improve adaptability when gripping with two hands, the technique used frequently for rebes hits. In addition, we have managed to make the paddle tennis racket more comfortable when we hold it in the waiting or reception position.

Adaptive Hole Distribution

To the new EVO mold we have added an adaptive drill to the shape of the racquet. This will give us a greater flexion of the core and distribution of forces in the plane to have a greater durability. Achieving a greater possible sweet spot (Arrow effect), sensitivity and control over our blows.

Full Grip Surface

SAIOR in this model has added a texture in the shape of hexagons in the plane, covering the entire hitting area, in order to improve the grip of the ball when hitting the plane and thus have better effects.


Full SK Carbon

Like all SAIOR models, this one cannot be less, being built entirely using the highest quality Carbon on the market. This type of construction provides us with greater durability in the face of prolonged play, such as when the weather changes where the racket can be affected by high or low temperatures and lose its effectiveness in the blows.

High EVA Memory

SAIOR has chosen to mount a single rubber exclusively developed for our racquets on its blades, with high memory and different types of density. Combining it with the highest quality carbon, they have the perfect combination to achieve a good touch of control and power.

High Elasticity Epoxy

To finish assembling their rackets, they have developed an Epoxy resin for SAIOR that allows the best possible bond and elasticity between their materials, given the complexity of the designs and molds used.

Shape Round
Profile (mm)38
Length (mm)455-470
Balance (mm)250-280
Weight (g)350-380
EVA HardnessExtra Sof – Soft – Medium – Hard
EVA ColorWhite-Black-Grey


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